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Carolina Waste welcomes you to our site. The general use of our site is governed by our site Terms of Use. Our use of your private information is defined in our Privacy Policy. These policies should be read along with the cookie policy. By using this website you are agreeing to follow and abide by all the policies defined by these documents.
What are cookies?
Cookies are simple files that store information about your computer including the type of browser you have, the type of operating system you use and your computer’s location. They also are used to store your language preferences and a number of other pieces of information in order to make website functions smooth and hassle-free to the user.
Cookies do not search your computer for information; they only register the information you provide through your browser. Unless you provide an email address or other information on the site (such as through the contact form), cookies don’t have the ability to “grab” such information.
How do we use the cookies?
We use cookies in order to improve our site. Cookies enable us to see how visitors move around our site and also to count the number of visitors and repeat visitors. We are interested in knowing what links you follow and how long you spend on pages. By collecting this information we can determine whether you are finding the information you are looking for easily or whether we need to change the way our site works. 

If information collected by cookies or other information tracking technologies is ever connected to personally identifiable information, our use and disclosure of it will be done in accordance with the "Use of Personally Identifiable Information" section as found in our Privacy Policy.
Can you block cookies?
Yes, you can block cookies through your browser settings that will allow you to refuse all or some cookies. If you block all cookies, however, you may not be able to access all or parts of our site.